Vanak, Tehran, Iran

In the process of designing the renovation project (Vanak Office), which was a unit on the last floor of an eleven-story tower with full lighting, the city view from three sides, and the eastern and western side walls of two terraces next to it. It is tried to preserve the valuable features of the project […]

Tehran, Iran

In the process of reconstruction of Tavanir administrative unit, the centrality of management space was presented as the main idea and the design process was established with the approach of radial structure of plan formation in the central core. Due to the location of the management zone in the central spot of the project and […]

Yousef Abad, Tehran, Iran

The office space can be considered like that of a home, a friendly and efficient atmosphere who seek a common goal next to one another and spent important hours of their lives in a particular time and place. By transparentizing the space, segregating partitions and using transparent materials, we could each integrity, tranquility, motivation, unity […]