Solo Villa

Mazandaran, Iran

In the process of designing the Solo villa project, in order to maintain the visual connection between the main roads and the sea, as well as the neighboring plaques due to the transparency in the architecture (Double transparency in the plan and material), the central core structure with the intersection of the two transparent North and South axes (The Sea and the coast) and the East and West axis (In line with the linear arrangement of the villas) were selected and all the spaces on the main floors were placed in the remaining zones from this intersection. Also, the body of the building and the middle walls by following the soft and wavy lines along with the obvious transparency of the reading sing along with the sea.

‎‏•Design Team : Davood Salavati , Amirali Sharifi
‎‏•Technical Drawing: Shayan Bashiri, Mahsa Aghahasel
‎‏•Presentation: Mahsa Aghahasel ,Mona Monadi ,Mahsa Nilgaran
‎‏•Visual Artist: Amirali Sharifi , Hossein Mohammadpour