Borujerd, Lorestan, Iran

The house project consists of two plots of land in the same direction, Khane belongs to the son and Saraa belongs to the father. Independent single-unit buildings where Khane is located on the first plot and Saraa behind it. Khane and Saraa are connected by the side shells and landscaping, and the same color and tone determine the flow of life.

Architect: Davood Salavati

Design Team: Amirali Sharifi

Interior Design: Hossein Mohammadpour, Nazli Azarakhsh

Technical Drawing: Mahsa Aghahasel

Presentation: Mona Monadi, Mahsa Aghahasel

BIM Coordinatoor: Shayan Bashiri

BIM Modeler: Kimia Shahryari

Visual Artist: Hossein Mohammadpour