Chitgar Tower Concept

Chitgar lake, Tehran

If we see high-rise buildings as a vertical layer of the urban shell, which gives the audience a sense of dominance due to its awesomeness and breadth. The order and integrity of its exterior can reduce the amount of visual disturbance. In this way, the repetitive network structure in the exterior of the building can be one of the best options. In this case, an appropriate response has been given to the visual disturbance, but the awe and rigidity of the building can still be annoying. The use of wavy forms such as cloth dancing in the wind can replace the rigidity and dominance of the building with dynamism and life.
‎‏•Architect: Davood salavati
‎‏•Technical Drawing: Shayan Bashiri, Mahsa Aghahasel
‎‏•Presentation: Mahsa Aghahasel ,Mona Monadi
‎‏•Visual Artist: Mostafa Mokhtari