Kashan, Esfahan, Iran

Bagh Chal or Sunken Courtyard is an Iranian native method to protect from hot weather. In this way the courtyard stay below the ground level.

By digging into the architecture of our ancestors in the hot and dry regions of iran, we behold the sunken courtyard as the most powerful and significant elements of iranian architecture and geometry. A country in the heart of the summer, make you feel that a monument hugs you with all kindness, by symmetrical and introverted zones, sitting on the earth’s surface and benefiting from the coolness of the soil and the shadow, being close to the underground water streams (Qnats) and relying on the land’s resistance to earthquake that contains functional features in addition to the most amazement of aestethic. Bagh Chal boutique-restaurant which respects practical knowledge of our ancient masters was born due to the global climate crisis and the lack of energy resources, to reach qualitative tranquility by renovating ancient nostalgias and reviving our country’s cultural values and also to gain quantitative tranquility in term of decreasing dependence on the fossil fuels .on the other hand, this project has been developed based on the theories of Kashan ancient city by using modern climatic extroversion and native introversion architecture of the region.