Motel Qu, Mazandaran

The Akay Villa project in the northern region of the country for a young and dynamic family for a recreational residence is formed around a vertical axis with the use of air conditioning and lighting, using dancing and flexible shells. The building has a stepped roof with soft and interconnected forms, which induces growth and dynamism.

A content of soft and dynamic geometry, the form of the dancing and flexible shells of the external architecture of the Akai Villa draws in through the interior design; And it integrates all the functional, service, comfort, and side interior spaces in the geometric and visual aesthetics of the building, and it is based on the same rule as inside and outside. The vertical access of the internal staircase, as the main element of internal spatial communication, sews the shell and the inner floors together like a pattern of dancers. The design of interior architecture is in harmony with light and spatial placement, in terms of form and functionality, a clear and understandable space, for a better reading of form as aesthetics; And efforts have been made to understand the design of the villa from inside to outside and vice versa, from part to whole, for its residents to have a pleasant and regular life.

Architect: Davood Salavati

Design Team: Amirali Sharifi

Interior Design: Hossein Mohammadpour, Nazli Azarakhsh

Technical Drawing: Mahsa Aghahasel

Presentation: Hamed Aliasgari

BIM Coordinatoor: Shayan Bashiri

BIM Modeler: Kimia Shahryari

Visual Artist: Hossein Mohammadpour