Damavand, Tehran, Iran

Afshan Villa, whose name is derived from a type of Iranian carpet, has evolved based on the concentrated and radially multiplying geometry of the Iranian carpet, which is placed in the lower layer of the building and combined with the modular geometry. Also, the mesh in the upper layers forms a unified duality that expresses the unity of Iranian culture in all eras and means the flow of life in the rule of time.
‏‎‏Architect: Davood Salavati
‏Design Team: Amir Ali Sharifi, Nazli Azarakhsh
‏‎Technical Drawing: Mahsa Aghahasel
‏Bim Coordinator: Shayan Bashiri
‏Bim Modeler: Kimia shahryari
‏‎‏Presentation: Mahsa Aghahasel ,Mona Monadi, Sogol Hosseini, Hamed Aliasgari
‏‎‏Visual Artist: Amir Ali Sharifi, Hossein Mohammadpour
‏Structural: Mojtaba Hashemi
‏Mechanical: Hamed Delavari
‏Electrical: Alireza Kohandani